In 2013, according to the Government’s decree and the authorization of the Turkish Football Federation, E-Kent was contracted as the sole "Centralized E-Ticketing System Integrator".

Since then, E-Kent is operating TFF’s e-Ticketing System for centralized ticketing, fan identification, stadium access control and surveillance.

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Digital Transformation for Stadium and Arenas

PASSOLIG is currently selling the tickets of top 36 football teams; TFF Super League and First League teams.



E-Kent provides technological infrastructure for WHITE LABEL TICKETING Solution for stadiums, venues and Promoters.

Through its ticketing platform PASSO, E-Kent is selling all the football match tickets of TFF Super League and First League teams in Turkey, where it also sells basketball, other sports and event tickets.

PASSO ticketing system is specifically designed to meet your club’s needs offering a user friendly and simple platform to manage your ticketing system. PASSO allows you to sell your own tickets on online and mobile platforms.

PASSO ticketing system is designed to meet clubs & venues needs fulfilling the fan experience.


  • Own your database
  • Get Powerful Insights
  • Know your fans
  • 100% control over your tickets
  • Create customized offers
  • Engage with your fans


  • Electronic Ticket
  • Online Ticket Transfer
  • Multiple Product Sales
  • Blacklist Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Season Ticket Resale
  • Seat Map/ Seat Selection
  • Online Season Ticket Sales