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E-Kent’s owner Çalık Holding is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Turkey and operates in energy, construction and real estate, textile, mining, finance, telecom and digital sectors.

Çalık Holding’s Aktif Bank is Turkey's largest investment bank and Financial Technology Platform. Together with its subsidiaries and business partners, today Aktif Bank serves 8 million customers across more than 10 lines of business, meeting their daily needs in various areas including credit, insurance, transportation, card services, and payment systems.

E-Kent is a technology subsidiary of Aktif Bank, founded in 2002 to transform cities to smarter cities through providing new technologies to transform their systems, operations and services. Since then, we are providing smart transportation, smart city card, fan ID and smart stadium services to 100 million people.

E-Kent positions itself as an end-to-end solution partner and develops value-added business models while offering Sports and Event Ticketing & Access Control and Public Transportation & Smart City Solutions.

With its own R&D studies and via partnerships with 3rd party hardware, software and technology companies, it adapts to the newest, economical and flexible technology solutions and provides customised service for all needs.

E-Kent also develops and customizes hardware products to supply to its customers together with the technology platform, software and service solutions.

E-Kent offers uninterrupted service and support 24/7 with an approach that increases efficiency, generates revenue and minimizes risks for its customers.

E-Kent is operating in 2 major sectors:

Sports and Events Ticketing & Access Control Solutions

In 2013, E-Kent was awarded by Turkish Football Federation (TFF) to develop and operate world’s biggest stadium transformation & centralized e-ticketing project PASSOLIG.

Since 2014, E-Kent is the sole integrator of Turkish Football Federation’s e-Ticketing system for centralized ticketing, stadium access control and surveillance systems.

E-Kent operates the PASSO ticketing platform where it sells football, basketball, other sports and entertainment tickets.

Public Transportation & Smart City Solutions

E-Kent is a technology integrator that develops public transportation solutions for cities and value-added business models that generate revenue for the administrations.

E-Kent is the leading AFC system integrator in Turkey.

Since 2002, E-Kent has been serving in 19 cities including Ankara (Capital).

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