Fan Identification system allows to identify who accesses to the stadium as fans may enter the matches only with the Fan ID issued specifically for them.

Fan Identification system structured around fans’ unique IDs data base creates an ecosystem where all stakeholders can benefit and generate revenue.


FAN ID card contains information that shall be used to allow/deny access to the stadium by verifying the fan credentials against a central system that will hold a frequently updated black list of fans who have been found to engage in unwanted activities.

FAN ID Card based system enables an integrated approach for electronic access control at stadiums, loyalty solutions, public transportation.

Centralized Fan Identification system enables an integrated approach to many functions:

  • Identifying the fans
  • Offering fans a value with a multipurpose card
  • Managing the fan database
  • Operating the ticketing system
  • Controlling safe&fast access to stadiums
  • Generating added value