With its high technology solutions and field experience, E-Kent offers an electronic infrastructure for payment services required by modern cities.

E-Kent is using the newest technologies for a modern infrastructure of Public Transportation System.


Since 2002, E-Kent has been developing and operating Automated Fare Collection system at 19 cities in Turkey.

Currently 100 million people / month commuting through our systems.


E-Kent provides an economical, sustainable, modern, reliable, continuous and uninterrupted service based on passenger satisfaction, compatible with developing technology and open to development. All services are specially designed for each city according to their needs.

E-Kent offers EMV (Europay, Mastercard ve Visa) contactless bank card validation that allows many bank card and mobile users to commute at AFC system.

Collaborating with GSM operators ensure convenience better citizen experience and revenue increase for administrations.

With its vehicle tracking system software Pallium, E-Kent offers proper solutions for mass transit line optimization and fleet utilization.


  • Citizen satisfaction with secure and reliable service covering daily city life
  • Complementary city card applications; payment systems, access to stadiums, museums, parking lots, etc..
  • City-wide ticket sales operations
  • Enhanced analysis & reporting capabilities
  • No tax losses arising from off the record operations
  • Value Added Services to generate revenue for administration


E-Kent presents its own software for end to end AFC solutions and provides the cities with hardware components.

  • EPRA Transportation Series
  • AFC Software
  • Pallium Vehicle Tracking System
  • On Board Information System
  • Bus Stop Information System
  • Ticket & Card Vending Machine
  • Smart Card & Ticket
  • POS – Card Top-up
  • Online Platforms and Mobile Applications